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Right now we are building an online community of Friday Night Funkin' fans and modders just like you from all 'round the planet, and we invite you to join us! Whether you do art, music, coding or anything else - we're glad to have you!

Our goal is simple: have a community home for all things FNF that will be independent from big scary companies like discord or reddit, one where we are free to make our own rules, and one that we can make as safe and as custom as we need.

So, what do you say?
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VS Ron: The Resurrection

by CoolSz, CyberByte, Knocks, GenoX, Chromasen, themistakeyt, Lexicord and many more

VS Ron is a mod based on the official VS Bob Mod (also known as bob's onslaught), in which Ron mentions his own mod planned. We made it.

Experience up to 8 new songs!
Ron, Ayo, Bloodshed, Trojan Virus, File Manipulation, Atelophobia, Factory Reset, and Bijuu. (for mike :D)

Play remixes of original songs such as:
Tutorial (Impossible Meme Remix)
Trouble (Ron's voice over Bob's voice)
BSides of literally every song except Trouble and Bijuu.

VS Distrust 2.0

by Yaro_h, [-Chris-], NeonAnimates, Slendermanix2, PAN, AlexMated, StitchDaFreak and many more.

The "VS Distrust 2.0" Mod was based on the another Canon Underswap "Disbelief" AU, called "Distrust". It has new characters that has never been seen in FNF: Underswap Sans, Papyrus and Alphys.

This mod also contains only one song, two secret songs and custom menu, the songs are called "Humerus", "Tera-Jazz", "A sansational battle" and "S.I.T.S."
also 2 regular secret songs.


VS Steve

by TheGaboDiaz, TracedInPurple, Chromasen, NosaDX, Somfu, and many more

Bf and Gf where peacefully playing Minecraft, when all of the sudden Daddy Dearest gave them VR headsets, but these headsets where not normal, they teleported them to the Minecraft world.
While they where trying their best to survive the night , they saw a strange figure holding a torch that was heading somewhere, so then Bf and Gf went to investigate and followed the strange figure..
Turns out the figure was Steve heading to his house, and so, when the sun rised, Bf and Gf went up a hill to find his house and confront Steve and Alex.

Animation VS FNF

by Sir Chapurato, Salty Sovet, MijaeLio, nom_lol, Chromasen & many others

Red Accidentally presses on Friday Night Funkin' instead of Minecraft, a little blue-haired midget came out with a microphone and started speaking some gibberish. apparently, he wants to rap?!? well, are you up for it or not!


EXE Mania

by Sawman232 & Ebie

after all of these encounters with these so called "GODS" its time to finally show you what gods without mercy are in these challenges presented in EXE MANIA

VS Deffekt & Friends

by J. Paradox, Lukedy, Kigo, BotBoi (& Frag?)

Welcome to VS Deffekt & Friends, a mod which brings an audiophile, a sonic addict, a talking trashbag (what?) and a bot boi to your favourite game, each with their own week spanning 3 songs!
You know, the standard FNF formula. Although this time, instead of everyone getting progressively more mad at you after seeing your eye-screwing neon blue hair and hearing your annoying squeaky voice (well, maybe except for Kigo - the talking trashbag) they just vibin'


FNF: 2-Funky (Week 4 Update)

by J. Paradox, Lukedy, Kigo, BotBoi

But how funky is TOO funky?

Well, we're not trying to make FNF into a whole different game, give it a different story or completely different characters. 
This is simply a re-imagining of what FNF would look like if somebody told us "Make the same game, same songs and same characters but do it your way." This is essentially going to be our "edit" of FNF. No elaborate story, no particular reason.

As I said earlier, this mod includes:
- Remixed Songs
- Cooler Sprites
- ummm, AND MANY MORE!


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